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Our small electric appliances

Need efficient household appliances for your home or restaurant in Brussels? You will find a wide range of products at Servicadet.


It is the essential ally for the maintenance of your house or your apartment. The latest models are bagless vacuum cleaners that are very easy to use. If you have large areas to vacuum, opt for a corded or stick vacuum with a long battery life. For smaller areas, choose a cordless vacuum. The many flexible models can make your job easier if you have a lot of freestanding furniture. Not too much time? Select a robot vacuum that will do the work for you.

Hand blender

If you cook regularly, you know that an immersion blender is indispensable for preparing the best soups, sauces and mixed preparations. The latest models offer several features for chopping, mixing and whipping food.


Electric kettle

Tea lover? Place a kettle in your kitchen to whip up the best brews in no time. The kettle will also be very useful for sachet soups, noodles, instant coffee and even couscous. You can also heat your water faster for pasta or rice.


You may not think of it, but the toaster is an essential in a kitchen. Not only will it allow you to toast your slices of bread, it can also warm pastries. Some prepared meals such as pancakes or waffles also heat up very quickly in toasters. It will also allow you to prepare your own toast for the apéritif.

Coffee machine

In this area, it is not the choice that is lacking, there is something for everyone. If you drink coffee occasionally, the capsule machine will probably be the best choice. If you are a purist, go for a bean machine. If you need large quantities, buy a percolator.

Kitchen robot

It's every home cook's dream. The pastry robot will allow you to prepare your pies and cakes easily and quickly using the best techniques. However, a food processor will give you more functionality and the food processor will save you a lot of prep time.

Air conditioner

We've had some pretty hot summers lately. But in Belgium, installing full air conditioning might be overkill. Opt for a portable air conditioner that will allow you to cool your living rooms.


Air purifier

It will be particularly useful if you are sensitive in the airways. It reduces pollutants in the air and also eliminates bad odors.

Juice extractor

If you're a juice lover, you definitely need to add an extractor to your kitchen. It preserves the maximum nutrients of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and seeds.


The pressure cooker is the latest culinary trend. As the name suggests, it cooks your food automatically without the need for your supervision. It brings together several cooking methods that allow a wide range of savory or sweet recipes.

Deep fryer

It is not only useful for cooking fries, but also all kinds of preparations such as croquettes, churros, squid, donuts and also spring rolls. Depending on your needs, choose from Servicadet the fryer with the right capacity for your household.

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