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Our extractor hoods

If you have a cooker hood, installing an extractor hood is essential to extract cooking fumes and odors. Several solutions are available to you, often in line with the layout of your kitchen.


The built-in hood

This is the most discreet model, as it is directly integrated into a piece of furniture or another element of your kitchen, directly above your hob. This is the best solution if you have a place to do it, and you don't want your hood to be noticed.

The ventless hood

Sometimes it is not possible to provide an exhaust duct to the outside, so you can install a so-called recycling hood, which will simply filter the air in your kitchen. It is mainly installed in apartments.

The hood suspended from the ceiling

It is the ideal solution when you want to install your hob on a central island. The hood will thus be placed just above, suspended from the ceiling. This type of hood can be recycling (without evacuation) for a more design model. It may also include an exhaust duct.

The worktop hood

The latest generation of hoods offers appliances that are integrated into the worktop or integrated into the hob. Either they are models that fold into the worktop, or they are completely part of it. These are discreet and designer hoods that will save you space in your kitchen. You can place an additional piece of furniture in place of a classic hood or leave the space free.

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