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Our built-in ovens

We offer a wide range of ovens of all sizes. With us you will find the ideal appliance for your kitchen and for your lifestyle.

If you cook on a daily basis, the electric oven is an ally of choice for preparing the simplest and most elaborate recipes. The oven will generally be built-in and integrated into your kitchen, in terms of functions, there are quite a few possibilities. The pyrolysis oven allows you to raise the temperature up to 500° to eliminate all residues and effectively clean your oven. The convection oven makes cooking faster and more even. The steam oven heats food at a low temperature and avoids mixing the tastes and smells of different dishes cooked together. The combi oven combines the conventional oven with a steam oven or a microwave oven. Do you want a complete oven? Opt for one of our multifunction models that will allow you to use different cooking methods. We sell the biggest oven brands like Bosch, Miele, AEG, Whirlpool, Siemens and Smeg.

What is the standard size of a built-in oven?

The standard dimensions of an oven will be approximately 60 cm in height and width. In width, you will find models measuring between 55 and 60 cm. In height, it can vary between 44 and 60 cm while in depth, it can measure between 54 and 57 cm. The volume varies between 50 and 64 liters for standard built-in ovens. It is recommended to leave 1 cm on each side of the niche and 2 cm at the bottom of the niche. Keep in mind that the visible part of the oven is wider than the built-in part. If you have less space, you can opt for a compact built-in oven.

What is the right power for an oven?

The power of an oven can vary from 1000 to 4000 watts. A low-powered, large-volume oven will take longer to heat up and will be energy-intensive, but will be less expensive to purchase than a better-insulated powerful oven that will heat up faster and be more economical. The most common ovens in kitchens are around 2500 watts. You should choose the power based on how often you use it and your needs. 

Where should the oven be placed in the kitchen?

First, place the oven not far from the worktop, so you can put hot dishes on it directly out of the oven. Secondly, it must be placed high up, ideally 90 cm from the ground to adopt a comfortable position for taking dishes out of the oven. Third, the oven is often placed close to the hob and the microwave oven and away from the fridge so as not to damage it with the heat.

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