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Discover Liebherr appliances in our showroom in Brussels

Liebherr is a renowned brand in the field of household appliances, offering high-quality, reliable, and environmentally friendly food storage solutions, appreciated by consumers worldwide


Liebherr offers innovative solutions for optimal cooling comfort, ease of use, and energy savings. High-quality and durable materials ensure the quality offered by Liebherr refrigerators and combination appliances. Find the perfect refrigerator or combination for your new or existing kitchen. Have you opted for built-in Liebherr appliances? In that case, you are choosing top-level quality, timeless design, and innovative technology

Tabletop refrigerators

Fresh food can be frozen in the 4-star freezer compartment and stored for a long time. A temperature of -18°C or lower ensures proper preservation. Push buttons allow you to adjust the temperature of the refrigeration compartment, after which it can be read on the digital display. The Premium GlassLine door shelves in tempered glass with stainless steel support profiles and sliding supports offer sufficient space for large containers and bottles, even with a capacity of 2 liters.

Cabinet refrigerator

Do you want to refrigerate your fruits and vegetables like a real professional? Welcome to the world of HydroBreeze: the cold mist of about 0°C in the drawer gives the food an extra boost for longer preservation. And creates an impressive optical effect. HydroBreeze is activated every 90 minutes and with every door opening. As beautiful as the exterior of your Liebherr is, at some point, it will need to be opened. Thanks to the SoftSystem, our doors always close smoothly, even if you close them a little too forcefully. The precise finish, perfect details, and harmonious combination of materials, shapes, and colors result in a beautiful ensemble. The new lighting concept is a good example of this. The LightTower illuminates the interior evenly at all levels and also provides more space for food thanks to its integration into the wall.

Combination appliances

Thanks to the two completely separate cooling circuits, the temperature in the refrigeration and freezing compartments can be adjusted separately and precisely. Since no air exchange takes place, the transmission of odors and dehydration of refrigerated foods are avoided. With the proven BioFresh technology, foods remain fresh at a temperature slightly above 0°C for up to three times longer than in a normal refrigerated compartment. With VarioTemp, the freezer compartment can be set to a different temperature (-2°C and +14°C) according to your needs. This means that the freezer compartment can be used as a refrigerator or cellar. And when your household grows and the cooling space of your combination appliance becomes too narrow, you can use the freezer drawers as a refrigerator.

American fridge

Do you love fish? In your Liebherr, it stays deliciously fresh! Indeed, in the Fish & Seafood-Safe, fish and seafood are kept at the optimal temperature of -2°C, just like at the fishmonger's. Adjust the size of the -2°C zone according to your needs – and store meat and dairy products in the remaining part at an optimal temperature of 0°C. When the -2°C zone is active, this is indicated by a light signal. The IceTower in the freezer compartment sets new standards. Because it combines two large compartments: the automatic IceMaker that can hold up to 8 kg of ice cubes. And a very spacious compartment – large enough to store a few frozen pizzas vertically, for example. With InfinitySpring, we bring a source of fresh and crystalline water into the kitchen, as water is healthy. Carrying heavy crates and packs of plastic bottles are a thing of the past. It's good for your back and for the environment. The integrated water dispenser is always there when you need it – and is almost invisible when you don't."

If you have any questions about Liebherr's household appliances, don't hesitate to contact us: 

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