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Our refrigerators and freezers

Keep your food and drinks cool with the fridges and freezers of major brands on sale at Servicadet!

Do you need a fridge? We offer different models whether you are looking for a small fridge, an American fridge, a cheap fridge or a built-in fridge. To choose the right fridge, it must be adapted to the size of your household. Indeed, if your fridge is not filled enough, it will consume too much energy, but if it contains too much food, it will no longer be enough cooling. Then you have to pay attention to the different functions that correspond to the foods you eat. If you eat a lot of frozen food, a combined fridge freezer will be ideal. Then you need to determine how much space you have in your kitchen. The American fridge takes up more space, while a built-in fridge will fit into the planned location. At Servicadet, we offer built-in fridges of 122 cm and other sizes. Finally, you must pay attention to style and design, there are several possibilities: a black fridge, white or metallic fridge. Some brands, like Smeg, offer more original fridges. We sell quality Siemens, Whirlpool, AEG and Bosch refrigerators.

The freezer is also an essential appliance in a home. Even if you eat few frozen foods, it is useful for storing ice cream, bread, and products that are rarely consumed. You can even keep preparations made in advance, such as Bolognese sauce. To choose the right freezer, you need to decide where to place it. The chest freezer opens from the top and has the largest capacity, it will generally take place in a cellar. The drawer cabinet freezer can be integrated into a kitchen or a laundry room, because it takes up more space in height than in width. The small freezer can be placed in a kitchen, under a worktop, for example. The mini freezer is convenient to place in any room and even stand on a worktop. You can keep ice cubes there. If you wish, you can opt for a fridge freezer combination to keep your fresh or frozen food in one place.

Come and discover the refrigerators we sell in our showroom in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.


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