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The Belgian specialist in high-quality cooker hoods and hobs


Power and silence united

In more than 100 years, Novy has become a leader in the field of kitchen ventilation. The company offers a wide choice of devices offering a solution for every situation.


Novy hoods are top quality products for the ventilation of your kitchen. Founded in Belgium in 1965, Novy is a leading company in the production of innovative and aesthetic kitchen hoods.

Novy hoods are designed to be efficient, quiet and energy efficient. They are equipped with high-quality motors that guarantee optimal extraction of fumes and odors. Novy hoods are also very quiet, thanks to their advanced ventilation technology.

As far as design is concerned, Novy offers a wide range of kitchen hoods that fit perfectly into any style of interior decoration. Novy hoods are available in many shapes and sizes, such as overhead hoods, built-in hoods and island hoods. They are also available in different finishes, including stainless steel, glass and matte black.

Novy hoods are also very easy to use. They are equipped with intuitive touch controls that allow you to easily adjust the suction speed and lighting. Some Novy hoods are also equipped with air quality sensors that automatically adjust the suction speed depending on the amount of smoke and odors in the kitchen.

Finally, Novy hoods are also very easy to maintain. They are equipped with grease filters and activated carbon filters which are easy to remove and clean. Novy hoods also feature a self-cleaning system that automatically cleans the activated carbon filters for extended use.

Different types of hoods

  • ceiling hood

  • island hood

  • telescopic hood

  • drawer hood

  • built-in hood

  • wall hood

  • built-in hood 


InTouch technology


This option allows the hood to be controlled from the hob without any special cables to be installed.




This product combines a hood and a hob in a discreet and elegant design. They are available with 3, 4 or 5 cooking zones for a width of 88 or 118 cm. Suction is done as close as possible to the source to control odors effectively.

Novy Pure'line


These are 90 or 120 cm wide silent ceiling hoods with or without integrated LED lighting.


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Novy hood Fusion

It is a hood-drawer type product which fits invisibly into a cupboard above the cooking area. The required depth is only 32 cm.​ They are available in 60 or 90 cm wide with LED lighting and a white glass flap to capture cooking vapours.

We're available to introduce you to the products from the Novy brand: 

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