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All the Bosch household appliances you need are at Servicadet in Stockel

Wide range of Bosch household appliances 

Are you looking to buy an oven or a fridge, and is Bosch a brand you trust? Come and see the range on offer at your household appliance specialist: Servicadet.

Precision and performance 

Precision and performance are the hallmarks of Bosch, which uses cutting-edge technology to continuously improve its appliances. Dedicated to excellence, Bosch dreams of transforming our daily lives by transporting us into the future:

Cooking: with the new Bosch appliances, it’s easy to cook like a chef! No more overcooked food or overflowing pans! Your appliances are intelligent. The induction hobs automatically regulate temperature and fume extraction. The range of connected ovens offers a variety of combinations, including steam, hot air and microwave. If you prefer gas, the FlameSelect hob is fitted with the latest technology. 

Fridge and freezer: add some colour to your kitchen with the Vario Style bottom-freezer fridge freezers and enjoy the perfect VitaFresh storage conditions.

Dishwasher: with the PerfectDry dishwasher and its Zeolite drying system your crockery will be completely dry.

Blender: with the VitaMaxx vacuum blender you can make wonderful smoothies while preserving all their nutritional qualities. The VitaExtract juicer comes with a booklet of inspiring fruit juice recipes. 

Kitchen robots: the Bosch robots are based on expertise acquired over 60 years. Powerful or light, they are all robust and functional.

Washing machine and tumble dryer: the ActiveOxygen washing machine protects your delicate fabrics at low temperatures. The i-Dos intelligent washing machine senses the quantity of detergent needed for each wash. This innovative range also includes washer-driers.

Vacuum cleaner: Bosch’s range of efficient and intelligent vacuum cleaners is varied enough to satisfy all needs.


Home Connect: this innovative app lets you control and communicate with all your Bosch appliances.

The Servicadet staff are at your disposal to help you choose and to explain the features and operation of any appliances that interest you. 

For more information on the appliances available, please call the Servicadet team, or visit the showroom in Stockel.

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