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The best AEG household appliances are available in our showroom 

Discover the AEG range at Servicadet

AEG has been combining design and technology since 1887. The brand has received several awards and recognition for its innovative products.

My AEG Care

My AEG Care An app dedicated entirely to the care of your laundry. It advises you which programme is best for each type of fabric.


With this feature, your washing machine only uses the necessary amount of detergent and softener by weighing your laundry. The appliances are equipped with different types of compartments that allow you to manage the laundry automatically or manually.

Modern ovens

Steamify is a function designed to allow the oven to manage the amount of steam. AEG ovens can also be equipped with a vacuum function so you can cook like a great chef. With CookView, you can monitor your oven dishes on your smartphone thanks to a camera.

Fridges, freezers and combinations

AEG products combine a constant temperature, an adapted level of humidity and perfect insulation to optimise the preservation of your food. Thanks to Customflex, you can tailor your fridge's storage space with shelves and compartments that can be easily moved. SpinView is a rotating shelf that allows you to easily access the food in the back. Choose an extendable shelf with a removable tray to move all your ingredients from your fridge to your kitchen in one go. 

Multiple small appliances 

AEG offers a range of quality kitchen appliances such as blenders, kettles, toasters, coffee machines and food processors.


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