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Electrolux appliances are waiting for you at Servicadet


A brand that combines price and quality

Electrolux offers many appliances for all budgets. The brand is renowned for its large household appliances mainly intended for cooking and laundry care.




This option, provided for certain ovens, consists of a pulsed convection cooking mode which allows food to be cooked more quickly. This also allows different foods to be cooked on the oven floors without mixing odours.


This option removes a third of the wrinkles from your clothes thanks to a blast of steam at the end of each wash. This relaxes the fibers and allows less exposure of the clothes to the heat of the iron.


GentleCare and SensiCare

GentleCare dries clothes at twice the heat of other dryers to help keep clothes looking their best. SensiCare is an option that allows you to adjust the drying time according to the humidity level present in the textiles to save time and energy.

Smart fridges and freezers

Electrolux offers hoods of different types:

  • Built-in hood

  • island hood

  • chimney hood

  • Drawer hood


The Hob2Hood wireless option allows you to connect your hob and your hood so that the extraction is adjusted to the cooking power.



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Satellite Clean

A SatelliteClean dishwasher continually changes the cleaning angle on the dishes to perfectly clean all your glasses and dishes.


We're available to introduce you to the products from the Whirlpool brand: 

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