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Put your trust in Whirlpool quality at Servicadet

We're an official dealer for the Whirlpool brand 

Whirlpool offers smart, easy-to-use appliances to make your life easier and leave you with more free time.

6th Sense and SteamSense technology

Choose from among 40 recipes and then let the oven adapt all the parameters for optimum cooking while reducing energy consumption. With SteamSense, you can choose between 3 levels of steam for succulent food. The first level is ideal for breads and cakes, the second for meats and the third for fish.

A microwave for fast cooking

Whirlpool's range of microwave ovens gives you the same results as a traditional oven with Crisp, CrispFry and ForcedAir features.

Your laundry stays fresh

FreshCare+ with Steam keeps your laundry fresh for up to 6 hours after washing, with a combination of steam and the gentle oscillation of the drum to prevent creases and odours. By using the SteamRefresh feature, you can avoid unnecessary washes thanks to a flow of steam that removes odours and creases in 20 minutes. SteamHygiene will eliminate up to 99.9 % of bacteria at the end of the wash cycle.

Let the dishwasher choose the programme

Smart sensors will detect the dirtiest dishes to save you time and water. You can rest assured your pots and pans will be perfectly cleaned thanks to the powerful rear water jets. The door will open at the end of the programme so the dishes dry evenly, thus making significant energy savings.

Smart fridges and freezers

Total NoFrost technology prevents the formation of frost and ice thanks to constant air circulation. You can store your fruit and vegetables in the FreshBox+ compartment for up to 15 days. FreshBox 0° will allow you to store delicate foods like meat and fish in a separate area. With EasyAccess, just slide out the tray like a drawer to have your food at your fingertips.


Convinced by all these possibilities? Contact us to find out more directly in our showroom.

We're available to introduce you to the products from the Whirlpool brand: 

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