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Discover Miele appliances in our showroom in Brussels

The best Miele household appliances at Servicadet 

Since it was founded in 1899, the Miele brand has been dedicated to making life easier for its users. Durability and design are values that are emphasised throughout the brand's many products.


Miele offers many different types of oven for all types of cooking as well as numerous features:

  • Dialog oven: an oven that allows fast and comprehensive cooking

  • HydraCook: this feature generates steam and helps prevent overcooking

  • Quick & Gentle: a combination of conventional heat and a microwave function you can adjust yourself

  • DualSteam: a powerful steam oven with two steam inlets for even cooking

  • XL oven compartment: capacity 46 L

  • Low temperature cooking

Hobs and cooker hoods 

The Miele range includes induction and gas hobs, and cooker hoods with smart features:

  • FullFlex induction: instead of defined cooking zones, the hob adapts to your pans over the entire surface

  • Con@ctivity: the cooker hood connects automatically with the hob and adjusts itself accordingly

  • GasStop&ReStart: the gas flame automatically reignites if it is extinguished

Fridges and freezers 

To complete your kitchen, we offer various types of Miele fridges and freezers:

Built-in fridges

Freestanding fridges


Chest freezers



AutoDos and TwinDos

These features allow your dishwasher and washing machine to dispense the right amount of powder according to the desired programme.




This app allows you to manage all your appliances from your smartphone. It will indicate when a programme has finished or warn you if the fridge door has been left open. You can also change the temperature remotely or start your appliances remotely.


Not sure which features to choose? Come to our showroom and our experts will advise you. They'll help you choose the right appliances for your needs from the Miele range.  

If you have any questions about Miele's household appliances, don't hesitate to contact us: 

call Servicadet or come to Stockel to visit our showroom.

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